Black Zkittles

Black Zkittles

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Hybrid 60% Indica

Typical Effects - Relaxed, Euphoric, Sleepy

May Relieve - Depressed, Insomnia

Aromas - Sweet, Earthy

Flavours - Earthy, Sweet

THC - 17% - 20%

  • Description

    Black Zkittlez is an exotic indica-dominant specimen that churns out THC levels in the realm of 18%. It’s enough to lay novice smokers on their back and put veteran cannabis users in a great mood. The effects are primarily felt throughout the body, where the strain seemingly unlocks tight muscles and gently extinguishes pain. It doesn’t take long for a strong couch-lock to take hold. You won’t be moving anywhere for awhile, as long as you have some snacks and water to hand. These physical effects are complemented by feelings of serenity and happy contemplation. Thoughts and queries about tomorrow’s tasks will melt away in favour of the present moment.

    Black Zkittlez’s pleasant high is accompanied by olfactory delights. You’ll experience a rush of fruit and candy when you remove her from a baggie or stash jar. These scents become amplified when vaping or smoking her buds. You’ll notice flavours of pepper, hops, and flowers occupy the tongue with each hit. These tastes are the work of terpenes caryophyllene, humulene, and linalool—aromatic molecules crossed over from the Zkittlez lineage. As well as providing delectable flavours, these terpenes exert anti-inflammatory and anti-anxiety effects.